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Do Women Prefer Men With Beards?

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Maybe you’re considering growing the beard you’ve always dreamed of, or you already have one, but you wonder if the ladies will love it as much as you do. Probably so! There’s no exact answer, and who’d expect one, because we’re talking about the complicated creatures known as women, right? Thankfully, this complexity serves you well when it comes to your facial hair.

Science’s Answer to the Question, “Do Women Prefer Beards?”

Well, there are some variables, like the woman and her relationship goals, but overall, science says that a light beard is the most successful, overall lady attracter. It adds that masculine vibe women like without getting so beardy that women who aren’t into that much hair get turned off.

Different strokes for different folks, though. Some women wouldn’t touch a man without the clean-shaven look while others can’t do without a full, proud beard. Most women are going to fall somewhere between that, and the female preference for less or more hair often depends on whether they’re looking for a fling or a keeper. Barer faces better suit short, good times while more hair makes her want to settle down and feather a nest.

Why Do Women Prefer Beards?

Well, all humans have the instinctual impression that facial and body hair is more masculine, so the more beard, the more manly. Growing a thick, lush beard, and maintaining it well, give the impression of good health, which indicates security and good genes for starting a family. There’s also the societal image of the “lumberjack” type, inspiring associations with strength, work with their hands and arms, and being a rugged protector. 

Quotes From Women 

Three ladies on Quora (there were many more, these were just the writer’s picks):

“I have only ever seen a handful of men who look better (to me) without the beard than they did with it. One of them is Anthony Varghese. The other is Michael Fassbender. (Edit: Okay I take it back; having looked very thoroughly through all the results of the image search, I have managed to delightedly conclude that Fassbender is a vision with a beard too.)”
    “Wellllll…me personally, I like/love/prefer beards and bearded men because I have a thing for older men; facial hair, especially a full beard, is associated with growing up, being a grown up, getting older, etc. (bc a male generally cannot grow facial hair until on the cusp of, or during, puberty) I like for there to be something I can gently run my fingers through or gently graze with my fingertips (in addition to a full head of hair) and this is a way I show affection. A beard can add more symmetry to a face (as most societies in general associate attractiveness with even, symmetrical facial features). A beard can nicely complement many hairstyles. It has been theorized that women who seek/or marry men, often seek/or marry men who are similar to their fathers; my example of this is my father always had a full beard, up until a few years ago (he looked strange without it at first LOL took a while to get used to but whatever; his hair, his happiness). Just my opinions…take them for what they're worth ;)”
      “Depends on the beard, and depends on the face. I tend to prefer clean shaven or very short facial hair aesthetically, but I fully admit that some guys (like my boyfriend, and my younger brother) do just look better with a beard. Honestly, though, I think you should do what you like and to hell with anyone who judges you based on your facial hair choices! Someone out there will love it, and you'll be more comfortable in your skin.”

        These women on Pinterest make no secret of their preference for bearded men.

        Tips for Successfully Wooing Women With Your Beard

        • Don’t just decide, “I’m not gonna shave” and let it do whatever it’s gonna do.
        • Pick a type, full beard to rock the lumberjack and/or hipster look, light beard, or stubble.
        • Keep it clean, no filth should detract from the joy of the beard.
        • Shape it, trim it, and style it, this makes it more of a pleasure to look at and touch.
        • Play around with beard shapes to determine what most flatters your face, so you’ll look your most appealing, of course.
        • Play up whatever aspect of the beard-allure most fits your personality, the family man, the rugged man, the hipster man, etc.
        • Confidently wear the beard that helps you be and reflect the best you. Confidence is sexier than any facial hair, or lack thereof, so let your choice of facial hair accentuate it.

        If you’re wondering whether your facial hair is hurting or helping your chances with women, most of the time a well-groomed beard is going to help.

        Many women like full beards and some women lean more toward the barer end of the hair spectrum, but most of them enjoy a light beard. Pick a facial hair choice that helps you do you and then deliberately maintain it for optimum appeal. Dirt, dryness, and wildness can undo the appealing aspects of the beard.

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